Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate students are required to follow and maintain all student responsibilities in order to remain in the program.


Freshman admissions, for students with no previous college credit, must apply through Texas A&M's Office of Admissions.


Transfer applicants must follow all Texas A&M transfer requirements.  For more information about transferring into TLAC, contact Casey Ricketts at 979-862-7167 or cricketts@tamu.edu or contact Lauren Kelley at 979-845-4690 or lkelley@tamu.edu.

Change of Major

If you are interested in changing you major to the TLAC program, please make an appointment with a TLAC academic advisor using swan.tamu.edu/tlac.
Preferred Requirements:
·         GPR of 2.75
·         MATH 140 or 141, and 142
·         Two core 4-hour lab sciences (grade of C or higher)
·         Maximum of 75 completed hours


Readmits must follow all Texas A&M readmit requirements.