Always Expect More of Aggie Teachers

Always Expect More of Aggie Teachers Award


What is the purpose of the award?

This award was established by the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture in the College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University with the purpose of recognizing outstanding TLAC Clinical Teachers that demonstrate exceptional work ethic and commitment to the teaching profession. Clinical Teachers are nominated by University Supervisors and Cooperating Teachers.  Recipients are recognized by the department and receive a certificate and a scholarship award.

Who is eligible? 

Eligible students must have the following characteristics:

  • Exhibit dedication, perseverance, courage, humility, outstanding service and a passionate commitment to children.
  • Exhibit exemplary conduct record while enrolled in the College of Education and Human Development.
  • Freely and enthusiastically have given time and energy above and beyond the regular school requirements in the area of service, as related to the health, education and well-being of children.

How is the award recipient selected?

The honoree is chosen by a committee comprised of members from the TLAC Faculty, TLAC Graduate Program and TLAC Field Experiences Office.


Congratulations to the following award recipients:


Spring 2017 - Ashley Copeland ~ Whitney Doyen ~ Mackenzie Rector ~ Courtney Stegall

Fall 2016 - Kelli Hamilton ~ Sara Siemsglusz ~ Bre'Ana Stafford ~ Austin Williamson ~ Elizabeth Venesky

Spring 2016 - Kori Holt ~ Tamara Massman ~ Marjanna Nakayama Madison Wuensche ~ Brooke Young

Fall 2015 - Abigail Connally ~ Lindsey Crocker ~ Sarah Dorsett ~ Ashlin Sweet

Spring 2015 - Shelby Humphrey ~ Amy Klepper ~ Jessica Lochte ~ Morgan Maddux ~ Elizabeth Noriega ~ Lisa Reynolds

Fall 2014 - Megan Aduddell ~ Cayti Meyer ~ Shannen Miller

Spring 2014 - Shelby Holley ~ Magen Schindler ~ Emily Valles ~ Stephanie Walz ~ Sara Witmer

Fall 2013 - Ashley Buchly ~ Kortni Casey ~ Jennifer Hall

Spring 2013 - Alison Purtill ~ Casey Coulter ~ Hannah Cargo ~ Samantha Taylor

Fall 2012 - Addison Folsom

Spring 2012 - Anna Ghedi ~ Arian Rutkoski ~ Lauren Redeker

Fall 2011 - Carly Wiprud ~ Kiera Gallagher ~ Kara Groff ~ Melissa Hartley

Spring 2011 - Amanda Alexander ~ Caitlin Hollar ~ Megan Roznovsky

Spring 2010 - Meredith Fiechtner