Online M.Ed. (Generalist)

This Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction degree, distance education option provides a sound combination of theory, methodology and a substantive content area, with some flexibility within the program emphasis, supporting areas.

This 36 hour non-thesis graduate degree option in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to develop effective teaching and research tools that increase educational opportunity and workplace access. 


To be admitted to a graduate program, you must apply to the TLAC department and Texas A&M University.

Program Design

The program incorporates the following content elements:

1) Academic Learning

  • Research-supported, effective instructional techniques for high rates of student academic learning;
  • Research-supported, effective instructional techniques for efficient and successful classrooms;
  • Techniques for developing, enhancing and evaluating curricula and lessons for K–12 learners;
  • Classroom research techniques for evaluating and documenting student and program success and
  • Techniques for enhancing student success on high-stake, state-wide assessments.

2) Social Climate and Emotional Well-Being

  • Techniques for enhancing learner self-efficacy and student general self-concept and
  • Techniques for ensuring school-wide respect for the linguistic/cultural diversity of students and their families.

3) School Improvement

  •  Skillful participation in school improvement efforts, including needs assessments, goal setting, developing an action plan and evaluating improvement results. School improvement efforts should target academic learning of students.

4) Family and Community Partnerships

  • Techniques for developing inclusive partnerships with families and
  • Techniques for working with the broader community and other social service agencies (interagency partnerships and collaboration)

The primary delivery system is online. Online formats vary by class, dependent on material presented, but will include eCampus, Power Point presentations, video lectures, assignments, group projects, chat rooms, reading assignments and additional course materials.

Note: This is not a teacher certification program

Core Curriculum

M.Ed. Degree Plan