Welcome from the Department Head

True to the Land-Grant Act and mission signed by Abraham Lincoln on July 2, 1862 “to educate people…” the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture has evolved to become the epicenter of excellence in advancing pedagogy and educational research across multiple educational contexts in undergraduate and graduate education. We are a world-class faculty with diverse research interests spanning teaching and learning, culture and curriculum studies, urban education, reading and literacy, English as a second language, STEM education, and educator preparation. We are home to over 1400 undergraduate and 500 graduate students enrolled on campus and in 50 States and international locations through our distance education degree programs. Our expectation is that our students from the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture at Texas A&M University will become the world’s next generation of inventive classroom teachers, academicians, researchers, school-based professionals, education policy leaders, and public leaders in their communities.
Members of the department are leading experts in intelligent tutoring systems, cyber learning, urban education, English as a second language, reading, literacy, professional teacher preparation, and STEM education. Our expertise is reflected in our single year research funding in excess of $4.5M from prestigious agencies like the National Science Foundation, US Department of Education, in addition to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Texas Education Agency, local school districts, and industry partners.

Our faculty is highly recognized for their scholarship and hold prestigious positions as Executive Editors, Editors-in-Chief, Associate Editors, and Editorial Board Members in journals such as:

  • The Journal of Urban Education and Practice
  • The International Journal of Reading Psychology
  • The International Journal of STEM Education
  • The Journal of Mathematics Education
  • The Journal for Research in Mathematics Education
  • The Journal of Educational Psychology
  • The International Journal of Design and Technology Education
  • The International Journal of Reading and Writing
  • The International Journal of Learning Environments
  • Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice
In addition to active engagement in scholarly journals, our faculty have authored book chapters and textbooks highly regarded in education, teacher preparation, curriculum development, literacy, mathematics education, learning psychology and disabilities, and educational curriculum history. These achievements serve as an index of the depth and quality our expert faculty bring to our students and communities we serve.
The Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture is home to four highly prestigious Endowed Chairs.  The Endowed Chairs include two Houston Endowment Endowed Chairs in Urban Education, the Curtis D. Robert Endowed Chair in Mathematics Education, and the Claude H. Everett, Jr. Endowed Chair in Education.  In addition, the Department is home to the only member of National Academy of Sciences within the College.
This departmental web site provides in-depth information about us. It highlights each faculty member and his or her research group, our degree and teacher certification pathways, research centers, outreach and our world-class administrative staff. I encourage you learn more about us, and how we may serve as a catalyst to you reaching your educational and professional goals. The Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture provides an exceptional educational and research environment for talented individuals who dream of uncovering new frontiers in education.

Dr. Michael de Miranda

Professor and Department Head
308B Harrington Office Building
(979) 458-0808