ACE Association for Childhood Education

Howdy! TLAC undergraduates have formed a Texas A&M chapter of the Association for Childhood Education. ACE members are guided by a dynamic philosophy of effective education, a philosophy that is flexible and responsive to human needs in a changing society. ACE's constitutionally defined purpose is to:

  • Serve members and society through dissemination of authoritative information on education and child development;
  • Promote a sensitive and comprehensive view of child development from birth through early adolescence;
  • Facilitate continuous professional growth of educators; and
  • Focus the attention of the public on the educational needs and inherent rights of children and programs for their well-being – in their school, community and home.

We hold meetings once a month in Rudder Tower and bring in Speakers from the realm of education to speak on a number of different topics that help us enhance our purpose in serving as a network for educators.
Thanks and Gig ’Em!