Student Responsibilities

Freshman Mandatory Meeting

In order to successfully complete degree and  certification requirements, students in the TLAC department have several responsibilities.  These include:

Achieve and maintain a minimum 2.75 Grade Point Ratio (GPR.) 

Freshmen must achieve this GPR by the end of their second semester at TAMU; transfer students must achieve this by the end of their first semester.  Students' GPRs are checked at the end of each semester.  If this requirement is not met, students will be dismissed from the TLAC department and all education courses will be dropped from their schedules.

Attend a MANDATORY advising session once per semester with a member of the TLAC Undergraduate Advising team. 

Students are blocked from registration until this requirement has been met. Freshmen will also be required to attend a mandatory meeting in the fall semester of their freshman year.  Advisors will check roll to make sure a student attends this meeting.  Information about this meeting will be emailed to the students with plenty of advance notice.

Fill out a Criminal History Background Check Consent Form each semester students will be participating in a field experience. 

Students will receive instructions on where to find the forms via email prior to their field semesters.

Schedule and register for the proper courses in the correct sequence each semester. 

This will be discussed at the mandatory advising session with the student's advisor.

Meet the requirements for admission to Teacher Education (or "upper level") in a timely fashion.