Teaching, Learning and Culture (TLAC) encompasses students, faculty and staff whose efforts and interests center on the many different aspects of academics, teaching and classroom education. TLAC’s mission is to create experiences that advance teaching, research and service through the application of knowledge in the preparation and development of quality educators; placing high value on collaboration, diversity, critical thinking, creativity, democratic governance and global leadership.

Having two highly-ranked graduate programs within one department serves as an index of the world-class academic programs and faculty who are committed to a culture of excellence in research and discovery, and the scholarship of teaching.

-Dr. Michael de Miranda, Dean of The School of Education and Human Development 

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“One of the things that set this program apart is that it is located within the Teaching, Learning & Culture Department at Texas A&M. There’s more to teaching than just delivering a curriculum or instructional strategy; we have to consider the influence that culture has one what we do.”

Dr. Byron William

Online Ed.D in Curriculum & Instruction


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TLAC offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Education, with one of three focuses.

Former TLAC student teaching middlegrades

Graduate Programs

The Culture and Curriculum program offers students the opportunity to learn and grow in many areas.

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Providing greater opportunities and flexibility for students, TLAC offers online degree programs, in addition to many individual Web-based classes.

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TLAC offers several types of certificates for students as well as Texas Teacher Certifications

Teaching, Learning & Culture

Advanced Research Methods Certificate (ARM)

Advanced Research Methods Certificate

The Advanced Research Methods (ARM) Certificate is a graduate-level certificate in Education & Social Sciences Advanced Research Methods (ARM), offered by the School of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University. The program allows graduate students the opportunity to add to their degree’s minimum requirements for training in research methodology, and to obtain academic validation for their additional efforts.

Resources and Admissions Requirements



Who can obtain the ARM Certificate?

  •   Graduate students in all departments in the SEHD
  •   Graduate students in departments outside the SEHD, at Texas A&M University who wish to add  to their social science research training
  •   Professionals in the Bryan/College Station community who wish to improve their research skills.

While the ARM Certificate does not show up on your diploma it will be added to your transcript.  The certificate allows graduate students the opportunity to add to their degree’s minimum requirmennts for training in research methodology, and to obtain academic validation for their additional efforts. Students are taught to master advanced competencies in education and social sciences research methods, with emphasis on quantitative or qualitative approaches to prepare to both engage in social science research and to teach these methods. As part of the certificate completion requirements, students will provide evidence of submission of a manuscript for publication as the main author, or as a co-author. Such requirement facilitates students’ initiation into the academic publication process, and allows them to become more ‘marketable’ in today’s competitive hiring practices.

The ARM Certificate is offered as a “stand alone” program for individuals who possess basic and intermediate research methods training. Prospective students who wish to acquire advanced social sciences and education research skills (due to requirements stemming from their current jobs) would be able to obtain the certificate with an investment of 12 credit hours, as opposed to 32-36 hours required for a Master’s degree. The certificate might represent an attractive option for already-graduated Master’s students (from SEHD or other schools/colleges), who wish to enhance or refresh their potentially dated research methods training.



When ALL requirements are complete, or during your final semester, submit this form that documents courses taken, submission (and receipt by journal) of article for publication, Graduate Chair’s approval and signature and Department Head’s signature.

Download the Departmental Application

Master’s Admissions


Course Requirements


Course Requirements


  • Research Methods Courses
  • Advanced Courses: Only courses identified as advanced, by the Research Certificate Committee will be eligible for credit (see list below)
  • 12 hours

Requirement for Completion: Evidence of submission of a research-based article, for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, as main author or co-author.

Grade Requirement: In order to qualify for the Certificate, only courses for which students earned grades A, B, or S will be counted toward the Certificate.


Program Details

Degree: Teacher Certificate
Program Delivery: Traditional

Student may apply even if they have already taken all (or most) of the 12 credit hours, as long as their chair approves it. Course credits already taken for a degree plan may be applied toward the ARM certificate. Advanced-level research methods courses previously taken that are not listed on the approved course list may be applied to the ARM requirements, if they are approved by the committee overseeing the ARM Certificate.

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