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Teaching, Learning and Culture (TLAC) encompasses students, faculty and staff whose efforts and interests center on the many different aspects of academics, teaching and classroom education. TLAC’s mission is to create experiences that advance teaching, research and service through the application of knowledge in the preparation and development of quality educators; placing high value on collaboration, diversity, critical thinking, creativity, democratic governance and global leadership.

Having two highly-ranked graduate programs within one department serves as an index of the world-class academic programs and faculty who are committed to a culture of excellence in research and discovery, and the scholarship of teaching.

-Dr. Michael de Miranda, Department Head 

in Texas for producing teachers in Math & Science, English/Reading and General Elementary

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“One of the things that set this program apart is that it is located within the Teaching, Learning & Culture Department at Texas A&M. There’s more to teaching than just delivering a curriculum or instructional strategy; we have to consider the influence that culture has one what we do.”

Dr. Byron William

Online Ed.D in Curriculum & Instruction


Former TLAC student teaching middlegrades


TLAC offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Interdisciplinary Studies, with one of three focuses.

Former TLAC student teaching middlegrades

Graduate Programs

The Culture and Curriculum program offers students the opportunity to learn and grow in many areas.

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Providing greater opportunities and flexibility for students, TLAC offers online degree programs, in addition to many individual Web-based classes.

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TLAC offers several types of certificates for students as well as Texas Teacher Certifications

Teaching, Learning & Culture


Program Overview

Aggie Teacher Education Residency Model


“Short-TERM clinical experience, long-TERM teacher impact.”

aggieTERM provides TAMU undergraduate education students with a year-long clinical residency to develop the classroom expertise to become effective, long-term educators in the Bryan Independent School District (BISD). Candidates will be offered a teaching position in BISD upon successful completion of the residency.


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2020-2021 Calendar:


2020-2021 Handbook:

Student speaking at the aggieTERM orientation breakfast

Meet aggieTERM’s newest residents class of 2021!

We now have residents at Bryan ISD and Caldwell ISD.

Our Approach

aggieTERM is framed within a 5-point Comprehensive Community Induction Model. There is an impressive body of research on the aspects of teacher preparation that have the most impact on quality teachers. From this literature, one can identify five key attributes that researchers have found to be linked to quality clinical teaching:

  1. A coherent vision of teaching between school and university partners
  2. Comprehensive strategies that enhance clinical experiences
  3. Shared governance
  4. Developmental induction training for clinical teachers and mentors
  5. Anchored in the community

Eligibility Requirements

  • Undergraduate students in all certification areas are eligible to apply; high need certification areas are highly encouraged to apply (e.g. bilingual education, ELAR/SS, Math/Science, Special Education)
  • Good academic standing and no growth plan in junior year; pass Junior Methods courses with no grades lower than a C
  • Pass content exams by mid-July
  • Intent to serve as a full-time teacher with BISD for a minimum of 3 years at the conclusion of the residency year

Selection Criterion

Students’ responses from the application process are ranked by aggieTERM faculty and BISD staff. The students who receive the top rankings are selected for aggieTERM.


Summer  – Preparation for School Year

  • Complete required teacher content certification exams by mid-July
  • Contact our aggieTERM staff at for a list of required exams
  • Attend two mandatory meetings with the university supervisor
  • Attend BISD’s professional development with cooperating teachers to prepare for the upcoming academic year

Fall – Senior Methods

  • Candidates will follow BISD’s calendar, rather than TAMU’s calendar
  • Clinical teaching 4 days a week meeting the same professional and teaching standards as all TAMU clinical teachers
  • Take Senior Methods courses once a week (if applicable)
  • On select Fridays, candidates will be required to attend advising and TAMU sponsored workshops

Spring – Clinical Teaching

  • Clinical teaching 5 days a week
  • Enroll in a graduate level Teacher Education Leadership course
  • Sign employment contract with BISD in April


  • Stipend award of $15,000 during the residency year
  • Authentic year-long clinical teaching experiences in BISD
  • Coursework designed to support teaching certification
  • Laptop courtesy of BISD
  • Quality mentoring from BISD staff, TAMU faculty, and Bryan community
  • Free professional development opportunities each semester
  • Opportunities for paid after-school tutoring
  • Financial assistance for teacher certification exams
  • Job placement in BISD
  • Student loan forgiveness after 3 years of teaching in BISD
  • Opportunity to share professional expertise and a passion for teaching and learning

How to apply

  1. The application process begins early February.
  2. The acceptance letters for aggieTERM will be sent to students the first week of April.
  3. Before students sign an aggieTERM agreement they must complete a background check which is paid for by the aggieTERM program.
  4. Students accepted into the aggieTERM Program are required to pass the teacher certification exams by mid-July.

Please contact for more information.

What do our Texas A&M faculty have to say?

aggieTERM brings together all the best teacher preparation practices in partnership with the Bryan ISD community, fostering a day-1 ready start to students’ careers as bilingual teachers.”

– Dr. Miranda Walichowski, Clinical Associate Professor Undergraduate Bilingual Education Programs

Contact Faculty

Please contact for more information.

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