The Department of Teaching, Learning & Culture

Teaching, Learning and Culture (TLAC) encompasses students, faculty and staff whose efforts and interests center on the many different aspects of academics, teaching and classroom education. TLAC’s mission is to create experiences that advance teaching, research and service through the application of knowledge in the preparation and development of quality educators; placing high value on collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, democratic governance and global leadership.

Having two highly-ranked graduate programs within one department serves as an index of the world-class academic programs and faculty who are committed to a culture of excellence in research and discovery, and the scholarship of teaching.

-Dr. Michael de Miranda, Dean of The School of Education and Human Development 

From Our Former Students

“One of the things that set this program apart is that it is located within the Teaching, Learning & Culture Department at Texas A&M. There’s more to teaching than just delivering a curriculum or instructional strategy; we have to consider the influence that culture has one what we do.”

Dr. Byron William

Online Ed.D in Curriculum & Instruction


Former TLAC student teaching middlegrades


TLAC offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Education, with one of three focuses.

Former TLAC student teaching middlegrades

Graduate Programs

The Culture and Curriculum program offers students the opportunity to learn and grow in many areas.

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Providing greater opportunities and flexibility for students, TLAC offers online degree programs, in addition to many individual Web-based classes.

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TLAC offers several types of certificates for students as well as Texas Teacher Certifications

Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction with

Multicultural Education

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction: Emphasis in Multicultural Education


We are a community of learners, educators, researchers, and educational stakeholders committed to critical engagement and equitable education for a pluralistic society.


The Multicultural Education program area will strive toward our vision by equipping students and engaging faculty within our four interrelated academic emphases:

  • Cultural competent – Advancing Cultural & Equity Pedagogical Expertise
  • Change Agent –  Actualizing Equity & Applied Research Expertise
  • Critical Intellectual – Advocating for Community & Public Engagement
  • Collaborative Innovator – Ameliorating Community Agency & Advocacy

If you are interested in learning more about the program or have further questions, we have the following webinar below:


To be admitted to a graduate program, you must apply to the TLAC department and Texas A&M University.

Program Details

Degree: Curriculum & Instruction
Program Delivery: Traditional/Campus-based
Emphasis: Multicultural Education
Degrees Offered: Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D.
Credit Hours: 64


Program Specializations

  • Urban Education
  • Race and Ethnic Education 
  • Social Class, Power and Privilege
  • Critical Global Education

Under Development

  • Gender and Sexual Diversity
  • Language and Linguistic

Program Chair

Assistant Chair

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