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Teaching, Learning and Culture (TLAC) encompasses students, faculty and staff whose efforts and interests center on the many different aspects of academics, teaching and classroom education. TLAC’s mission is to create experiences that advance teaching, research and service through the application of knowledge in the preparation and development of quality educators; placing high value on collaboration, diversity, critical thinking, creativity, democratic governance and global leadership.

Having two highly-ranked graduate programs within one department serves as an index of the world-class academic programs and faculty who are committed to a culture of excellence in research and discovery, and the scholarship of teaching.

-Dr. Michael de Miranda, Department Head 

in Texas for producing teachers in Math & Science, English/Reading and General Elementary

Graduate Programs, US News & World Report Online School Rankings

Curriculum & Instruction, US News & World Report Online School Rankings

Culture and Curriculum
Curriculum and Instruction
English as a Second Language
Generalist Online
Graduate Teacher Certification + MEd Online
Mathematics Education
Multicultural Education
Reading and Literacy
Science Education
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Online
Technology and Teacher Education
Urban Education
Interdisciplinary Studies
Middle Grades 4-8 Language Arts/Social Studies
Middle Grades 4-8 Math/Science
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“One of the things that set this program apart is that it is located within the Teaching, Learning & Culture Department at Texas A&M. There’s more to teaching than just delivering a curriculum or instructional strategy; we have to consider the influence that culture has one what we do.”

Dr. Byron William

Online Ed.D in Curriculum & Instruction


Former TLAC student teaching middlegrades


TLAC offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Interdisciplinary Studies, with one of three focuses.

Former TLAC student teaching middlegrades

Graduate Programs

The Culture and Curriculum program offers students the opportunity to learn and grow in many areas.

students studying on computer for teacher certification


Providing greater opportunities and flexibility for students, TLAC offers online degree programs, in addition to many individual Web-based classes.

kid working online


TLAC offers several types of certificates for students as well as Texas Teacher Certifications

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

Graduate Certification Program


The Graduate Certification Program leads to initial teacher certification (EC-6, 4-8, or 7-12). The potential for a paid internship and the opportunity to apply all course work toward the Master of Education degree in Curriculum & Instruction are unique features of the program.

The Graduate Certification Program is designed for those candidates who have completed or will complete a baccalaureate degree and desire initial certification to teach in Texas public schools. Candidates are admitted upon recommendation of Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture (TLAC) faculty and progress through the summer, fall and spring semesters as a cohort.

The certification program requires the completion of 21 graduate credit hours, the successful completion of the appropriate state examinations and a full-year public school internship. Most candidates complete the internship requirement through a paid teaching position.

Certification Process

For more information about the process of becoming a certified teacher in Texas, please click the link below.

Certification Process


All applicants must meet with our program advisor, Kara Bond, before submitting an application. This program is highly individualized, please contact to set up an individual advising appointment.

Admission requirements for the program and for the TLAC graduate program must be met by the published deadlines. View program admissions for full information.

The Teacher Education Admission Fee ($300) is charged to all students once they begin the Graduate Certification Program coursework. Please see the Texas A&M University Graduate Catalog for more information on this fee.


The potential for a paid internship and the opportunity to apply all course work toward the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree are unique features of this program.

A professional internship is defined as supervised experiences in performing professional functions in classroom settings. Students will be assisted in finding an internship site but are responsible for:

  • making application,
  • arranging for and attending all interviews,
  • and negotiating a salary, responsibilities and duties.

There will be a mandatory meeting in early spring, where students will be provided with a letter of introduction explaining the program and course work completed as part of the cohort. When information becomes available, students will be told of job fairs and position openings.

Students meet the internship requirements of the Graduate Certification Program by being hired as a teacher of record and teaching full-time in classes in their certification field in a school district with a salary negotiated with the school district. Internships may be completed in any publicly funded school in Texas.


M.Ed. Curriculum

EDCI 602: Cultural Foundations of Education 3 credit hours
EDCI 644: Curriculum Development 3 credit hours
EDCI 673: Analysis of Teaching Behavior 3 credit hours
EDCI 611:


RDNG 649:
Teaching English as a Second Language
Reading Instruction in High School 3 credit hours
TEED 602: Contemporary Perspectives on Education 3 credit hours
TEED 649: Instructional Strategies: Principles and Practices 3 credit hours
TEED 682: Seminar 3 credit hours
TEED 684: Professional Internship 3 credit hours
TEED 682: Seminar 3 credit hours
TEED 684: Professional Internship 3 credit hours

Download PDF of M.Ed. Curriculum

Field Advisors

Field Advisor Room Phone Number Email
Life Science – Biology Laura Wilding 514B Blocker 845-7362
Physical Science –
Elmo Mawk 108 Chemistry 845-2460
Communication Nancy Street 107A Bolton 862-6968
Computer Science Richard Furuta 333 HR Bright 845-8871
English Apostolos Vasilakis
Jacob McKeever
LAAH 356 847-2587
Social Studies Composite
(History major)
Robyn Konrad
Phil Smith
105 History
105A History
Social Studies Composite
(Geography major)
Dr. Christian
202G O&M
Social Studies Composite
(Economics Major)
Richard Anderson 3088 Bush Schl 845-4547
Social Studies Composite
(Political Science Major)
Vince Hernandez 2024 Bush Schl 845-3127
Social Studies Composite
(Psychology Major)
Zuleika Carrasco OR
Jennifer Fleming
224 PSYC
Spanish Zuleika Carrasco 224 PSYC
European and Classical
Dallas Reyes 107 Academic 845-0498
Mathematics Vincent Schielack 214 Milner 845-3261
Physical Science – Physics Lewis Ford 506 Engineering
Science Composite Laura Wilding 514 Blocker 845-7361

Tuition & Fees

Texas A&M University Tuition Calculator
* be sure to change your credit hours based on the program of interest. Please note, with the exception of the first summer term when classes are taken on-campus, the remainder of the program is delivered in an online/distance education format. Courses taken on-campus are assessed campus-based fees. Courses taken online/distance education are assessed distance education differential tuition and fees.

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